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about startabas


one needs the fortitude of an immortal to attain timeless success

why startabas

After many long nights spent deliberating possible names of the agency, the word “startabas” came out in a surprisingly natural and subconscious fashion. But how?

We were trying to name the agency while playing football games on PlayStation. Each time one of us scored a goal, the opposition would be forced to endure several slow motion replays. The magical word, essentially, derived from frustration of one of us trying skip the unexciting replays and start a new section of the game: “starta bas” (press start)

It was then that we realised that the word “startabas” perfectly reflects us.. “We skip boring replays in the advertising world and push the game along in search of new opportunities!”

about us

Startabas is a group of vigorously ambitious people who came together to create innovative and effective social media and visual design solutions in the advertising industry.

With loyalty, determination and tenacity, we stand by our customers in order to help them establish and endure their position in the competitive climate of the digital age. It is because of this that we regard ourselves partners in the journey of business succession with our clients, rather than just simply an advertising agency.

We use creative and unique methods to create a value for our clients brands, and follow global technological and contemporary developments to serve our customers the most cutting-edge and up-to-date solutions. From marketing, to social media management, to graphic design, video and photography…If your brand believes in the power of these platforms, we will be glad to take a walk with you on your way to success.

We are not just a design, marketing or advertisement agency; what we are proud of is our ability to see the power of the most raw and compelling core tool — the power of ideas.